Novated Insurance Products

Comprehensive Insurance

Motor Plus Comprehensive

Complete protection against accident damage, fire and theft, plus damage to other people’s cars and property. Also covered are towing costs, emergency accommodation and transport and a lifetime repair guarantee. This is the ideal option for those who require top protection for their motor vehicle.

Essentials Comprehensive

The Essentials option is fully comprehensive without some of the bells and whistles. An ideal solution for those who want full coverage, on a budget. Includes protection against accidental damage, fire and theft, and damage to other people’s cars and property.

Lease Protection Insurance

This insurance provides peace of mind in the event of a disability/trauma event or involuntary unemployment occurring during the life of your lease. Lease Protection Insurance provides up to 6 months of lease payments on your behalf for eligible claims up to a maximum amount of $15,000.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

If your car is damaged beyond repair or stolen and not recovered, your comprehensive insurer may not pay out the amount still owed to your financier. Our GAP Insurance can pay to cover this shortfall and may pay for incidental out of pocket expenses along the way, depending on the cover chosen.

Extended Warranty

Our 5- and 4-Star Warranty Insurances provide cover for over 4,000 car components, and with coverage to suit you and your vehicle. Parts and components covered include electronics, steering, brakes, air conditioning, suspension and much more. Pay-by-month premium payment option available for all warranty plans.

Vehicle Protection Products

Motor One Vehicle Protection

No matter what your lifestyle or journey, our affordable range of driver options has been designed to protect you and your car and enhance your driving experience. The complete range includes exterior surface protection, interior surface protection, darkest legal window film, driver safety kit and vehicle drive recorder.

Minor Damage Repair – Scratch & Dent Assist Membership

Invest in a Scratch & Dent Assist Membership providing cosmetic repairs for all those minor dents and surface marks that are unavoidable. Membership entitles you to unlimited cosmetic repairs for the term of your membership for a fixed $55 per repair, plus receive a Vehicle Maintenance Kit including window tint cleaner, paintwork spot cleaner, high gloss wash and more!